20ft Old Faithful Giant Water Slide

20ft Old Faithful Giant Water Slide


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Setup Area: 51' x 21' x 23'

Actual Size: 45' x 17' x 20'

Outlets: 2


Elevate your event's fun factor with the biggest inflatable water slide in Central Texas—our thrilling 20-foot Old Faithful Giant Water Slide!

As one of the largest in Central Texas, the water slide promises an exhilarating ride that's a hit with kids, teens, and adults alike. At Jumpin Joy Party Rentals, safety is paramount, so we've placed clear instructions at the entrance and require that sliders take turns one at a time to ensure everyone's security. Please note that the gate must be at least 8 feet wide for installations within fenced areas to accommodate the slide.

This robust slide supports adults up to 250 pounds, making it ideal for a wide age range of adrenaline seekers. It's a spectacular addition to any gathering, ensuring continuous entertainment and thrills. The slide's striking green and black design, topped with a mock toxic waste barrel, makes it a visually appealing centerpiece that dazzles your guests. Built from top-grade materials, it offers a secure and smooth sliding experience. Perfect for backyard parties, birthday celebrations, or family gatherings, the 20-foot Old Faithful Giant Water Slide is guaranteed to delight your crowd. Don’t miss the chance to add this exciting feature to your festivities. Order now to kickstart a memorable adventure filled with fun and excitement!

Reminder: Ensure gate access is at least 8 feet wide for setups in enclosed areas. Secure your booking easily online with a few simple clicks, or call us at
🙂 512-825-2525 to make your reservation over the phone!