18ft Lava Waterslide

18ft Lava Waterslide


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Setup Area: 38'L x 17'W x 21'H

Actual Size: 32'L x 13'W x 18'H

Outlets: 1


Experience the thrill of the 18ft Lava Stone Water Slide: Unleash a Volcanic Adventure!

Boost your next party or event with Jumpin Joy Party Rentals 18-foot Lava Slide rental! This volcano-themed water slide brings a classic water-sliding adventure with a fun twist. Whether used with or without water, it’s best enjoyed wet to make the most of its thrilling features! Plunge into the excitement with this sleek and fun slide that's as smooth as a walrus butt.

The exterior of the 18-foot Lava Stone Water Slide Rental is vibrant with hues of red, gray, blue, and yellow, and the interior is cool with blue tones. Guests can safely climb the slide using side steps, while the safety mesh at the top ensures no unexpected slips or falls.

Book the 18ft Lava Stone Water Slide at Jumpin Joy Party Rentals and spark your event with a unique and fiery experience. Ramp up the fun by adding tasty concessions, backyard games, and a party speaker to your setup!

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