18ft Big Splash Tropical Water Slide

18ft Big Splash Tropical Water Slide


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Setup Area: 46'L x 21'W x 21'H

Actual Size: 40'L x 17'W x 18'H

Outlets: 1


Introducing the "Big Splash Tropical Water Slide"

Experience a dynamic and exhilarating water slide adventure with Jumpin Joy Party Rentals. Our Big Splash Tropical Water Slide instantly transforms any event into a tropical paradise teeming with excitement. This vibrant inflatable water slide stretches 40 feet in length, stands 18 feet tall, and spans 17 feet in width, necessitating a setup area of 46 feet by 21 feet to ensure optimal safety and stability. Expertly designed with a lively tropical theme, the slide features lush green palm trees and bright, colorful accents that capture the essence of a sun-drenched tropical island. At the top, the slide's curved, wave-like structure enhances the visual appeal, mimicking the feeling of crashing ocean waves. Climbers ascend via a secure, easy-to-navigate ladder to a spacious launch platform, ensuring safety and comfort before taking the thrilling plunge down the steep drop. The ride concludes with a dramatic "splash and crash" into a generously sized, shallow splash pool, creating an irresistible attraction for thrill-seekers and water enthusiasts alike.

The Big Splash Tropical Water Slide from Jumpin Joy Party Rentals is constructed from high-quality, durable materials and ensures a safe and smooth ride. Its substantial size and sturdy build accommodate a continuous flow of participants, making it perfect for large parties, community festivals, and corporate events. The slide also incorporates a continuous water system that keeps the sliding surface slick and enjoyable, enhancing the sliding experience while keeping the structure cool under the sun.

Rent the Big Splash Tropical Water Slide from Jumpin Joy Party Rentals for your next event and transform your venue into an exhilarating tropical retreat, leaving guests with vibrant memories of fun in the sun!

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