Sno Cone Machine

Sno Cone Machine


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Setup Area: 3x2

Actual Size: 3x2

Outlets: 1

DescriptionDive into the icy bliss of snow cone heaven with our easy-to-use process that turns simple ice into a delightful treat. Start by adding chunks of ice into the machine, then watch as it grinds them down into the perfect snow cone consistency. Once you have your fluffy, finely shaved ice, pile it high in a cone or cup. Next, unleash your creativity by drizzling your choice of flavorful syrups over the ice, letting them seep into every pore and create a vibrant burst of flavored snow. Whether it's a hot day or you're just in need of a sweet, frosty snack, this process ensures each snow cone is a perfect escape into a world of icy pleasure.